How to win at bookmakers

The task of “beating the bookmaker” is quite difficult, no matter how simple it may seem to some beginners. Note that you should not blindly believe in a guaranteed win even if you follow the basic rules: we are talking about sports betting, and you can only be sure of guarantees in rare cases. Nevertheless, we will try to figure out whether it is possible to learn how to win in sports betting, and what needs to be done for this.

What factors to consider

To engage in betting and make real profits, love for sports is not enough. The predilection for any team or athlete does not mean anything, on the contrary, it can negatively affect the objectivity of the analysis. When taking into account simple but important factors, you will be able to learn how to place bets and win.

Correct perception

Betting should be fun. In no case should a negative outcome upset and unsettle the bettor. It is important to treat betting as a hobby, but as responsibly as possible. In no case should you compare online casinos, poker and other types of entertainment with betting. Despite the fact that they also win large sums of money, it is much more difficult to predict something there, and sometimes even impossible.

Bank management

A beginner is advised to follow a simple rule – as a bet, choose only those amounts that can potentially be lost without any serious consequences. In no case should bets exceed 10% of the bank, and for beginners, do not exceed 3-5%.You cannot bet a doubled amount both after a win, in the hope that a white streak has gone, and after a loss, in order to recoup.

Bet with low margin bookmakers

Margin is a guaranteed profit that betting companies put into each bet. Different bookmakers set their own margin levels at their discretion. They can be in very different ranges, from 0.3 to 5 or 10%, and sometimes more. The problem is that this percentage is initially included in all coefficients, which directly affects the value of the proposed coefficients.

Working with information

You will never make money with this method and will not be able to consistently make a profit if you do not learn how to work with information. In the course of the workflow, the bettor will need to quickly process large amounts of data, extract insider information, compare facts, and take into account even the smallest nuances. This is the basis of betting.

In football or any other sport, it is not enough to believe in a team or an athlete. The favorite does not always win, and not only the shape of the players and the composition is important here, it is also necessary to take into account the motivation, the coach, the number of injured / removed players, even some personal problems. For example, a divorce or the loss of a loved one can negatively affect the team leader’s performance.

Winning Sports Betting Strategies

A bettor is not a professional if he does not follow any game strategy. There are a huge number of tactics and earning schemes in betting, but they are all divided into two large sections: gaming strategies and financial ones.It is impossible to single out any strategy separately and call it more important. Each tactic plays its role, and gaming strategies are very important – every player who wants to get a stable profit from making deals at a bookmaker should be familiar with them. Game strategies are needed for the most accurate analysis of an event.


  • If you want sports betting to bring you the desired profit, then you must devote a lot of time to this activity, learning new betting strategies.
  • To get a stable profit at a distance, a bettor must adhere to a certain strategy, be able to correctly distribute his bank, be psychologically and financially prepared for a potential loss.
  • Be careful when using loopholes in the bookmaker – for them you can get an account blocking with all the funds on the balance sheet.
  • All-in deals will sooner or later lead the player to bankruptcy. Professional bettors recommend making deals for an amount that does not exceed 5% of the bank. For beginners, we advise you not to cross the threshold of 1%.
  • You need to work a lot on yourself in order to start receiving a stable income.
  • Make deals only on those sports that you are well versed in.

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