How to bet on hockey

Hockey events are interesting to watch due to the spectacle, speed and constant physical contact of the teams that are fighting for points. It is difficult for amateurs to predict hockey, because there are often equal opponents. To make it easier to understand the principle of betting on hockey, we recommend reading KHL forecasts. And we will tell you whether it is possible to bet on hockey and earn money from it.

What is important to know before a bet

  • The process of betting. The bettor is obliged to know all the details of transactions made with the bookmaker.
  • Understand the specifics of this sport.
  • Know the championship, the teams that play there, and the players.
  • Understand strategies and be able to apply them not only in hockey betting, but also in other sports.
  • Carefully select a bookmaker with the best odds.

Pros and cons of betting on hockey


  1. Most odds are greater than 2.0. The result for three outcomes and equality in strength of most teams affect the growth of values.
  2. High game density. More games are played on ice in a season than in other sports. Hockey meetings are held almost every day, with the exception of the off-season.
  3. Meetings are full of effective actions. In most meetings, they score a lot of goals, it becomes more interesting to watch.
  4. The current form of the teams is easy to read, which makes it easier to create a bet.


  1. Lots of variables. Teams don’t have to win in regulation time, there are still overtime and shootouts. The result of the match is affected by removals, which often spoils the bets of users.
  2. It is difficult to analyze hockey lineups.The match involves 20 people from each side, taking into account substitutions. There is a large spread of influence on rates.
  3. The regular season does not affect the final result. The team can take fifth place in the regular season, and fight for the Hockey League Cup in the playoffs.

Hockey strategies

The choice of strategy has a direct impact on the success of hockey betting. The bettor individually chooses what to bet on and what type of bets to apply. Experienced players alternate different methods, choosing the best option and focusing on the match. Let’s take a look at the most popular hockey betting strategies and tell you how to put them into practice.

System. The system includes large coefficients that form several express bets. With a professional approach, you can win decent money.

Outcome Bets. This is the most common hockey betting strategy, very simple and popular with beginners. Here you need to predict which team will win the match. According to hockey statistics, teams that play at home win 45% of the time, while away teams win 42%. In the remaining 13%, the winners are determined in additional periods (overtime) and after shootouts.

Total. Bettors pay attention to the total for a reason. In the NHL, sometimes 10 or more goals are scored, which has a positive effect on bets. By catching such an event, you can win a lot.

Handicap. In a hockey match, it doesn’t take much effort for a club to win by a few goals. This increases the demand for bets in favor of the handicap of one of the teams.

Long term rates. You can bet on going to the playoffs or on the championship. Such bets increase interest in matches throughout the season.

How to bet on hockey

Before placing a bet, you need to understand the specifics of hockey battles. A beginner should know that players are sent off right during the game, and if the team concedes by one puck, then 1–2 minutes before the end, it removes the goalkeeper and releases the sixth field. In such a situation, the score can change in any direction. In case of a tie, extra time is played and the bet to win loses. If it was not possible to identify the winner there, there will be post-match shootouts. In such a situation, it makes sense to make bet insurance. This only applies to the regular season. In the playoffs, teams play to the goal.

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