The most dangerous sports

Everyone chooses activities to their liking, some love to fix cars, others prefer computer games, and still others cannot live without sports, especially since in recent years a healthy lifestyle has become insanely fashionable: they talk about it on TV and radio, write in newspapers and magazines. But not all sports are safe, and there are those that can lead to injury, disability, and even death. We offer you a rating of the most dangerous sports!


It is hard to argue that football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Fans admire famous football players, but few people know how many injuries they have to go through in order to achieve success. According to statistics, a professional footballer receives more than 150 injuries of varying severity during the year. And most of them are the result of a collision between players.

Oddly enough, goalkeepers get the most injuries. During the match, they have to make unimaginable jumps, literally dive into the legs of opponents, snatching the ball. The rest of the players, meanwhile, are subject not only to injuries, but also to more serious consequences. One and a half hours of almost continuous running do not pass without a trace for everyone, and therefore dizziness, loss of consciousness or even cardiac arrest among football players, alas, is far from uncommon.


Rugby is one of the most popular and paid sports in the world. Although this sport is a great pleasure, it is also one of the deadliest sports.Most injuries are associated with concussion or brain damage. According to sources, one in four players is injured every season. Some of the other common injuries faced by rugby players include hamstring injuries, ankle sprains, head injuries, shoulder injuries, and thumb injuries.

Climbing and mountaineering

Of course, rock climbing is a very dangerous sport. The most important thing in it is to correctly distribute forces. After all, it is not enough just to climb to the top of the cliff, you also have to go down from it. And it’s no less difficult. And many amateurs are not able to soberly assess their strength. In addition, summit climbers often face such dangers as oxygen starvation, frostbite and hypothermia. We must not forget about the risk of falling from a height, which can be fatal.


If you think about which sports are the most dangerous, you immediately think of motorsports. The greatest danger to the health and life of the rider lies in the constant physical and psychological stress. As a result, the body wears out quickly. Internal organs become unusable, the bone and muscle systems suffer. According to statistics, an athlete can lose about 4-5 kilograms in just one motorcycle race. This is due to the high tension and weight of the equipment.


This is a very popular and spectacular sport, but at the same time, boxing is deadly. As if the essence of this sport is to inflict more injuries on your opponent so that he cannot stand in the ring.Hence all the problems that boxers experience during and after the end of their careers.

Protective gear and protective gloves have been developed over the years, yet injuries in the octagon are common. If we look at the number of boxing deaths, between 1890 and 2019 alone, there are 1876 deaths. In addition, between 15% and 40% of boxers experience chronic brain injury and nearly half of professional boxers struggle with dementia.

Boxers also tend to face serious nerve problems later in life. This is Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease.


This seemingly harmless sport can seriously damage your health. According to statistics, over 900 people a year die on the golf course. The fact is that golfers can become victims of a lightning strike during a thunderstorm. Indeed, according to the rules, the match cannot be interrupted, regardless of the weather, and players use metal clubs. And he attracts lightning. Another important reason is the accidental hit of a heavy golf ball in the body. Overcoming a distance of 100 meters, this projectile becomes deadly when hit in the head. And once in other places, the ball can lead to serious injuries of the spine, eyes, back, joints and groin.

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